Keep teams organized and efficient

Task management for on-site teams made easy. Let your team shine at what they do best and focus on the tasks at hand.

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More leases, less admin work

Let our automation technology manage projects for your property team. Every prospect interaction is automatically recorded and populated into a list so your team is clear on next steps and no follow-ups slip through the cracks.

Measure, analyze, and hit your goals

Gain transparency into your team’s performance at an individual, building, or portfolio level. Our consolidated dashboard provides robust analytics to empower you and your team to reach and exceed your business targets.

Foster collaboration & transparency

Multifamily leasing is a lot easier when everyone on the team is on the same page. Your team has access to contacts and calendars across properties to minimize roadblocks and ensure work always gets done.

Task management features for multifamily

Automated To-Do list

A single consolidated dashboard that automatically populates the prospects that need to be followed up with and next steps.

Integrated Calendars

Integrated with GCal or Outlook, your team’s calendars are synced up so that everyone is on the same page for tours, schedules, and team meetings.

Real-time notifications

Push notifications, notification bubbles, and sound alerts make sure tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

Marketing Analytics & Reports

Gaining a clear line of sight of your team’s performance, lead-to-lease conversions, cost per lead, and more.

Consolidated dashboard

Management can dig deep into follow-ups, conversions, engagement, call logs, from an individual, building, or portfolio level.

Call recording & AI call scoring

Analyze all prospect calls to manage your team’s performance, optimize sales messaging, and drive occupancy.