Communication with prospects made easy

Maximize lead-to-lease conversions by improving communication with prospective residents.

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Shorten lead-to-lease cycle & qualify leads automatically with a 24/7 chatbot

Our code-free AI chatbot can be set up in minutes with a few simple steps. It is always available on your website respond to inquiries, qualify leads, and book tours.

More conversions, less work

Ensure 100% response rate using our email autoresponders with ready-to-use templates. LeadManaging automatically populates a to-do list with critical tasks so your staff can focus on conversions without getting lost in task management.

Prospect Communication Features for Multifamily

Automated responses

Never let an email fall through the cracks with a custom autoresponder.

Omni-channel communications & tracking

Communicate with leads via email, SMS, chatbot, phone, and intercom and track them all the way through the prospect funnel.

AI Chatbot

Get more leads through the door with a personable and customized chatbot that is available 24/7.

Advanced Call Routing & Ring Groups

Improve call routing Group multiple staff under one extension according to your business needs.

Call Recording & AI Call Scoring

Analyze your prospect calls to optimize your messaging, enhance the leasing experience, and drive occupancy.

Auto Lead Distribution

Assign inbound leads to the right reps automatically so they can jump right in and speed up lead-to-lease.

Consolidated Dashboard

Management can dig deep into follow-ups, conversions, engagement, call logs, from an individual, building, or portfolio level.