Staff Performance

How do you measure staff performance when you're not there? We can help you determine where there are opportunities to improve staff performance objectively. Using our system will enable you to have fact based conversations about performance, and give meaningful milestones for improvement.


Staff Performance provides the capability to:

  • Track prospect segments
  • Create staff report cards based on objective data
  • ‌Access prospect profiles and the status of all leads in real time
  • ‌Save time & reduce costs


How can staff performance contribute to leasing conversion?

Start now by having targeted training on areas that you can actually measure staff on. You can ensure that leads are being responded to by phone in a consistent manner. See your staff activities and the volume of leads they are managing. Review call audio and send the recordings as needed to site staff to review themselves for performance improvement. Ensure that your leads are all being handled in a timely and effective manner.

  • Call handling skills – how often are calls being converted to appointments?
  •  Gather prospect information every time, so leads are easily followed up with
  •  Follow training processes and support company goals and initiatives
  •  Consistent customer experience – ensure staff provide a good customer experience