Marketing Metrics

Did you know that only 7% of calls the site staff ask where the lead came from?

Marketing metrics are critical to help you optimize your advertising effort and dollars. Using Marketing Metrics will quickly help eliminate wasted spending on ineffective advertising. If required, you can negotiate fair pricing with suppliers. Our reports create alignment of efforts between marketing and sales teams, and it stops the blame game between departments. Ultimately, you will improve advertising effectiveness, boost your NOI and you can do this without any training or interfaces for site staff to learn!


We can help you track calls, emails, walk ins, online appointments simply, effectively and accurately.

  • Accurately track all leads to the media source.
  • Find out where all the qualified customers are coming from.
  • Traffic reports (track all calls/ emails/ walk ins).
  • Determine best and most cost effective advertising sources.
  • Optimize advertising mix and spend as needed.


How can marketing metrics help your company?

Once you try the LeadManaging system, your site staff will thank you!
They will no longer need to compile the information, and worry about if they asked the last inquiry where they came from. You will be confident with knowing that your lead sources are accurately tracked and your advertising data is consistently handled across your portfolio.

  •  Get insight on advertising performance and maximize advertising mix
  •  Easy to implement and get instant access to lead sources in real time
  •  Target advertising dollars for increasing lead volume
  •  View cost per lead and cost per lease by each media source