Leasing Automation

The LeadManaging platform works with Outlook, any media source, your website, social media, SMS, your property management software, your favourite syndication service and more!


We help you see and manage the leads quickly and effectively for both resident managers or call centers.

Be ready for more qualified leads, more appointments, less effort and less time.



How can Leasing Automation help improve your conversion?

Everyone wants to speed up the sales process and improve leasing conversion with little to no effort, right? Well now you can with the LeadManaging system! Our Leasing Automation will show you the sales funnel from referral source to inquiry to appointment to committed lease. If you are looking to maximize your conversion from leads to leases, book appointments when staff are busy, then this system is for you. Our system is set up to drill down for in depth reporting, and is easily configured for your organization's structure and leasing process.

  • Automate traffic reports that are EASY to implement (track all calls/ emails/ walk ins and appointments)
  •  Handle leasing inquiries faster with the least amount of effort, and measure conversion rates
  •  Powerful productivity tools for leasing staff with mobile devices
  •  Works for call centers, leasing agents or site staff and connects with property management software