LeadManaging + Yardi + Certn + Manaya At The Western Canada Apartment Investment Conference

Photo taken by Darren Henry April 25, 2018 in Vancouver

Photo taken by Darren Henry April 25, 2018 in Vancouver

First off, if you are attending the Western Canada Apartment Investment Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre West this Thursday, April 26th, you should already have an idea of which sessions you will be attending to gain some valuable knowledge about the residential property management industry.

On the other hand, if you aren’t attending or don’t know which panels to sit in on – no sweat! – we’re here to share some insight on what to expect. There are many speakers and sessions happening and we want to make sure you don’t miss out!


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Our very own president at LeadManaging, or as we would say “Captain of the Millennium Falcon”, (Darren Henry) will be speaking along with many other “captains” of the apartment industry. Covering insights on investment activity within the multi-residential market, core questions developers need to address to maximize return on investment, how property owners can ensure or grow the profitability of their assets, the overall process of creating a new building, the steps you can take to enhance revenue streams, the creative ways in creating new rental housing, break-through technologies and innovations in the industry, debt and construction financing, how to retain tenants and gain new ones, and more strategies related to the multi-family housing industry.

So let’s say for a second that you wanted to know about the technology impacts on the apartment market, such as:

  • The disrupters to look out for

  • Strategies on how technologies and proper data collection can add value to your business

  • Technology impacts on new generation of renters

  • Concerns about tenant privacy with full automation

Then we would say you should definitely attend the session with LeadManaging, Yardi, Certn and Manaya (session C2) answering these questions about technological changes and breakthroughs that will “change the face of the real estate marketplace”.

If you aren’t attending the Western Canada Apartment Investment conference, we have you covered. We will be sharing these answers and some of the biggest takeaways from the conference on our blog next week!

Dayna Voisin