Talking “Best in Class” at the CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2018

Photo taken by Darren Henry in Vancouver

Photo taken by Darren Henry in Vancouver

Technology is, without a doubt, a major part of the manner through which our society runs today. Thus, technology has valuable influence on the apartment rentals’ market, one which must be utilized in order to achieve “best-in-class” multifamily housing in this generation. Difficulty only comes in understanding how to best implement technology within a company. Depending on the size and structure of a company, the steps and procedures on how to roll out new initiatives can be either a walk in the park… or, let’s just say, not so simple.

QuadReal is a $25 billion start-up company that has grown rapidly from four staff members to hundreds of staff members. A company that seeks to understand the ever-changing preferences of its customers, QuadReal will be presenting how they have implemented their new state-of-the-art, integrated operations system at this year’s CFAA Rental Housing Conference.


The Future of Technology and Implementation

Darren Henry, President at LeadManaging, will be moderating one panel, and will be a guest speaker on another panel at the CFAA Rental Housing Conference in Vancouver May 15th and 16th. The session Darren is moderating will be looking into the state-of-the-art applications of leadership and processes at QuadReal, discussing how this new organization became world class in technology while managing real estate in 17 different countries.  Darren will also be speaking with Yardi about how organizations can embrace and implement technology based on their size and structure. The discussion will include tips for changing current management techniques in order to achieve the difference between a company with 1000 units, vs. one with 20,000 units.

In both sessions, Darren will be discussing key leadership principles, the value and importance of technology, change management, and implementation regarding technology and data privacy with current vendors. Darren will also focus on the benefits and challenges of a real estate organization managing technology in-house, rather than outsourcing, as well as the difference between maintaining a high-volume centralized call centre or managing it at the local office level.


CFAA Sneak Preview

We wanted to provide an advanced showcase of some of the questions that will be answered during these two sessions.

  • What is QuadReal’s company mindset, and what makes them different?
  • What key leadership principles should organizations put in place?
  • What are the answers to delivering high quality technology?
  • What steps would need to be in place if you were to roll out a “best in class” solution for an established organization?
  • To outsource technology or run in-house?
  • How can you use internet-based tech to drive business forward?
  • Understanding what the cloud is: What does it mean to be “on the cloud?”
  • How do you prepare your company for taking advantage of technology?

We are excited to hear the responses to these questions, and will be sharing some of the highlights following the conference. If you are attending the CFAA Conference in Vancouver, be sure to sit in on the panels, “Building a State-of-the-Art Rental Operations System,” and “CFAA Tech Roundtable” to take steps within your organization, elevating Canadian multifamily housing to a higher standard of “best in class” with technology.