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Why property managers MUST be using an online scheduling system in 2019

A driven mindset is, quite possibly, the reason that millennials will choose convenience over conversation, and instantaneous service over lengthy ordeals. Having been raised with more automation, more one-clicks-away, and more next day deliveries than any previous generation, millennials are simply accustomed to short wait times.

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Introducing LeadManaging + Yardi: New Yardi Integration Solution

Multifamily housing is always changing, and with change comes new priorities and need for innovation and improvement. With this in mind, LeadManaging has recently released their Yardi integration solution. LeadManaging + Yardi streamlines and deepens the ability to track leasing activities in multifamily housing. With “Real Estate running on Yardi,” and LeadManaging “automatically capturing, converting and visualizing residential leasing activities,” this…

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