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GDPR Compliance: How to know if your company and customer data is protected

Primarily, almost every service we use today makes use of stored data. It only takes a moment to recognize the many places we share personal information every day, such as setting up social or government accounts, or when making a purchase at any retailer. In almost every situation in which personal information is disclosed, the information is stored on a server, housed somewhere, somehow, by an organization.

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6 Life-Changing Takeaways for Real Estate From Pixar Studios

One may think that there is little need for, or limited, creative abilities within his/her organization, but Catmull claimed that this thought is misplaced.  Rather, he believes problem-solving is a matter of unleashing the creative forces within an organization. Unfortunately, so many companies are blocking creativity in the workplace - missing the true problems that need to be creatively solved - and thus never reaching their full potential.

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Talking “Best in Class” at the CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2018

Technology is, without a doubt, a major part of the manner through which our society runs today. Thus, technology has valuable influence on the apartment rentals’ market, one which must be utilized in order to achieve “best-in-class” multifamily housing in this generation. Difficulty only comes in understanding how to best implement technology within a company.

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