Why property managers MUST be using an online scheduling system in 2019

With every new generation comes notable differences in behavior, interests, and preferences. While widely thought to be laxer and less loyal than their preceding generation, millennials have actually been found to spend more time thinking about efficiency in their workplace compared to other generations. A driven mindset is, quite possibly, the reason that millennials will choose convenience over conversation, and instantaneous service over lengthy ordeals. Having been raised with more automation, more one-clicks-away, and more next day deliveries than any previous generation, millennials are simply accustomed to short wait times.


From the perspective of a property manager, millennials are the new and current group of renters, and it is vital - with the increasing rental housing market - to be catering to them. The easiest way to achieve automation for your prospective millennial renters? Use an online scheduling system.

Based on 6 years of studies, LeadManaging has determined that, if millennials can achieve automation, and do it without face-to-face or even voice-to-voice interaction, they will. Online scheduling systems like the LeadManaging Online Scheduler work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week-- so your leasing agents don’t have to. Not only does this increase sales outside of business hours, hours from which up to 35% of leads come in, but it keeps your busybody-millennial renters operating in their happy place of efficiency.


Not only are online booking systems practical and time efficient for both your company and your customer, but they are proven successful. LeadManaging alone has booked over 230,000 online appointments. And, to elucidate excitement amongst employees groaning over endless emails, the provision of online booking systems has been shown to decrease the amount of inquiries received by staff, freeing up more time in the work day for staff to focus on other important tasks, such as the maintenance of properties or building the community. What’s even more desirable: traffic reports are automatically generated, so employees don’t need to worry about manually tracking each and every appointment. The ability to view such reports, as well as other data about your company’s leasing activities, allows for focus on identifying potential gaps and reevaluating budget, rather than inefficiently using time to manually gather all the data.

Simply put, an online booking system makes for less time, effort, and confusion in a tenant’s pursuit of a home, while providing immediate response times. Busy, work-minded millennials are especially looking for the quickest and most convenient way to cross such a thing off their to-do lists. A property manager’s utilization of online bookings is the next step to catering to the next generation of renters-- who, despite what you’ve heard about their investment in avocado toast, are proven more invested in efficiencies and accelerating their tasks.