Introducing LeadManaging + Yardi: New Yardi Integration Solution

Multifamily housing is always changing, and with change comes new priorities and need for innovation and improvement. With this in mind, LeadManaging has recently released their Yardi integration solution. LeadManaging + Yardi streamlines and deepens the ability to track leasing activities in multifamily housing. With “Real Estate running on Yardi,” and LeadManaging “automatically capturing, converting and visualizing residential leasing activities,” this valued partnership could be possibly one of the most beneficial in property management this year.

Why is this LeadManaging + Yardi integration so important?

Three of the biggest challenges that property management companies face today is:

  1. Accurately tracking all leasing data from lead to lease
  2. Automatically converting leads to appointments without waiting on staff responding
  3. Being able to access and pull reports for all leasing activities within one platform

Companies are using the tools for tracking the data they need, but are often using multiple different systems to get the entire prospect journey, and it becomes difficult trying to pull everything together into one report that can be easily and visually presented at a moment’s notice.

As we’ve seen this play out over and over again with customers and prospects, we wanted to solve this challenge by introducing our new Yardi integration solution.

With Yardi being one of the most commonly used tools in property management, LeadManaging wanted to provide a solution that would allow our clients to feed their data to Yardi and allow Yardi users to easily push their guest card and lease results into LeadManaging reports to capture their entire leasing process in one place.

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How does it work?

The onboarding process with LeadManaging is simple, and setting up the integration with Yardi is even quicker. Clients can expect the complete setup of Yardi integration with LeadManaging from start to finish within a day followed by testing and validation.

LeadManaging automatically generates guest cards for inquiries and every booking so that all contact information, origins of media sources, and building performance are captured, and potential residents’ first point of contact are automatically converted into appointments.

Yardi pushes updates to LeadManaging, so the appointment and lease outcomes are all automatically updated right within the guest card in LeadManaging.

If guest cards are manually added to Yardi that were not added to LeadManaging, they will automatically flow into LeadManaging.

This creates a beautiful view of all leasing activity from lead to lease in real time within LeadManaging, providing a range of different reports that display the leasing data and KPIs in the format property management companies are looking for.

All data collected from both systems feed into an integrated platform that allows for heightened efficiency and accuracy, which in turn provides a better sense of confidence in your data.

What are the results?

In our work with Yardi, LeadManaging has seen incredible leasing insights, and so have our clients. Providing the ability to pull up prospect history within the LeadManaging system and view all activity from the referral source to the date and time of the lease.

We have seen as high as 100% of the leases pushed from Yardi coming from online bookings that were generated by LeadManaging. This new integration has proven to streamline the rental process even further for clients using Yardi.


Successful technology requires collaboration, trust, and purpose. Not only is Yardi’s integration with LeadManaging the result of trusted teamwork between two major tech suppliers in the industry, it is driven by a purpose that equips LeadManaging and Yardi’s clients with only more efficient ability to capture, convert, and visualize rental leasing activities than ever before.

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