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Why property managers MUST be using an online scheduling system in 2019

A driven mindset is, quite possibly, the reason that millennials will choose convenience over conversation, and instantaneous service over lengthy ordeals. Having been raised with more automation, more one-clicks-away, and more next day deliveries than any previous generation, millennials are simply accustomed to short wait times.

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3 Key Components to Improving Your Budget Success for 2019

If you are struggling with influencing decision makers to approve a new project for 2019, wondering if your decision is the “right move” for the company, or, ultimately, you’re needing some guidance to ensure your pitch possesses the power to ensure success for the new year, you’re in the right place. We’ve outlined some of the most important items to speak to when planning your budget for the new fiscal year.

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Renting to Students: 6 things you may not know

The life of a student studying abroad – or in town and wanting that full post-secondary experience – often starts with finding a place to live for the school year. Many students accept university offers miles away from their hometown, and looking for a place to call home can be both exciting and daunting. As student rentals will always be a necessity, planning on handing your keys over to a group of young scholars may be a profitable move with the academic season almost upon us.

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3 Sales Tactics Leasing Teams Should Know in the Competitive Rental Market

Preparation, sincerity and heart will set you apart.

With the rates of people choosing to rent increasing steadily in North America, more and more units are being developed and targeted toward prospective renters-- over 20 million new households in the next ten years, to be exact--, and with that increase comes unquestionable competition. Newly launching rentals are being compared in features down to the very minor details. So how do you stand out?

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