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Automation in Property Management: AI still needs a touch of humanity

It is crucial for any company to optimize internal and external communications, and find the most automated methods for completing and managing tasks. Today’s society is accustomed to instant responses and solutions to problems through search results and other automation tools, so it only makes sense that more companies are implementing automated processes and artificial intelligence into their lead generation and conversion processes each year. While such tools are needed in order to speed up tasks and communications in our world today, companies should not be disposing of personal connections in the process.

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The 4 phases of a company: What is stopping your company from growing and innovating?

So, you want to take your company to the next level, but you consistently seem to get stuck, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at the little progress you are making. Do you find that as your organization aims to innovate or grow that it really struggles to execute, and the status quo is hard to overcome?  If this sounds all too familiar, you are in the right place, about to glean some insight on how to identify your underlying problem in order to progress as a business. Any sort of growth or innovation in a company is a journey of many steps, and, without understanding one’s current organizational structure and the challenges that accompany it, that process becomes much slower and more difficult.

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Introducing LeadManaging + Yardi: New Yardi Integration Solution

Multifamily housing is always changing, and with change comes new priorities and need for innovation and improvement. With this in mind, LeadManaging has recently released their Yardi integration solution. LeadManaging + Yardi streamlines and deepens the ability to track leasing activities in multifamily housing. With “Real Estate running on Yardi,” and LeadManaging “automatically capturing, converting and visualizing residential leasing activities,” this…

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