5 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Fast-Paced Work Environment

Today’s world moves at a faster pace than ever before, and the demands of the workplace are ever-increasingly trying to keep up.

While boosted productivity in businesses is to be celebrated, a multitasking mentality can cause mental health and productivity to take a nosedive. In a study on the wellness of CEOs, 70% of those questioned admitted to suffering from stress.

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Given the small size of our still mighty team here at LeadManaging, we often find ourselves wearing many hats and tackling a wide range of projects. Nonetheless, we pride ourselves on both quality work and time management, and keep the stress of our staff to a minimum by:

Being a positive team member

Just by maintaining a positive attitude and sharing a smile, you can make a huge difference in your own mood as well as the mood of your teammates. Like a yawn, a smile can be contagious (and more appealing), and can make your work environment that much more enjoyable.

Utilizing Outlook calendars

Plan ahead, devise realistic deadlines, set reminders and manage time wisely. With multitasking comes responsibility, and you want to make sure you are holding yourself accountable. If you can stay organized and prioritize, this will help reduce stress.

Scheduling 10-minute meetings

Flexibility and respect for fellow team members’ time is important, so why not schedule a quick meeting in their calendar for the sake of sharing a quick update or communicating an idea, rather than stepping in and taking their focus away from what they are doing. You can also use quick calendar meetings to get the team together to share some accomplishments and “good news” items. At LeadManaging, we call these “gotta-minute meetings”, and we schedule them daily!

You have a team, so act like a team

Remembering that each one of us has commitments both in and outside of work, so if you have everything done when the day comes to a wrap, check in to see if anyone else needs help completing anything before heading out. Two people may get an urgent item done a lot quicker than one.

Encouraging physical movement and refocus

Get out for a quick 5-10-minute walk throughout the day to help clear your head and regain focus and creativity. You would be surprised by what a simple change in your environment can do to boost your productivity and reduce stress.

A booming business does not have to come at the cost of mental wellness and the happiness of your staff. By implementing just a few communal methods of organization, your company can find a unified groove that allows your team to work efficiently and productively while maintaining a smile.

Darren Henry