Emotional Intelligence: The 4 EQ elements needed to be a successful leader

What if one of the clearest pathways to becoming an outstanding leader in any company started with developing characteristics that would improve every area of your life?

In case you missed it, we shared an article some time back focusing on the four elements of emotional intelligence (EQ)-- and all about why it’s superlative to IQ when it comes to employability and excellence within any organization.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the primary factors needed to possess great leadership capabilities.

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Dayna Voisin
Emotional Intelligence: Why companies are seeking higher EQ over IQ

A person’s IQ (intelligence quotient) has often been deemed important for employability and growth within the workplace. In a society that has been known to expect employees to leave emotions at the door from 9-5, it is exciting to see the start of some major shifts within companies with the recent realization of high “emotional intelligence organizations”. Some of the top CEOs are avoiding the traditional organizational structures altogether and are adopting new ways to increase productivity and constructive energies in the workplace, including EQ (emotional quotient) initiatives rather than focusing on IQ.

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Why hiring quality over quantity builds a stronger team, and the 7 interview questions that reveal more than just skill

Regardless of the situation, it’s never an easy task finding that one special person who you feel fits the role like a glove. LeadManaging has learned one important thing in the process of hiring and growing our team: proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, hiring quality employees, rather than a vast quantity of employees, is the key for companies to experience thriving success and growth.

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Why property managers MUST be using an online scheduling system in 2019

A driven mindset is, quite possibly, the reason that millennials will choose convenience over conversation, and instantaneous service over lengthy ordeals. Having been raised with more automation, more one-clicks-away, and more next day deliveries than any previous generation, millennials are simply accustomed to short wait times.

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3 Key Components to Improving Your Budget Success for 2019

If you are struggling with influencing decision makers to approve a new project for 2019, wondering if your decision is the “right move” for the company, or, ultimately, you’re needing some guidance to ensure your pitch possesses the power to ensure success for the new year, you’re in the right place. We’ve outlined some of the most important items to speak to when planning your budget for the new fiscal year.

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Renting to Students: 6 things you may not know

The life of a student studying abroad – or in town and wanting that full post-secondary experience – often starts with finding a place to live for the school year. Many students accept university offers miles away from their hometown, and looking for a place to call home can be both exciting and daunting. As student rentals will always be a necessity, planning on handing your keys over to a group of young scholars may be a profitable move with the academic season almost upon us.

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GDPR Compliance: How to know if your company and customer data is protected

Primarily, almost every service we use today makes use of stored data. It only takes a moment to recognize the many places we share personal information every day, such as setting up social or government accounts, or when making a purchase at any retailer. In almost every situation in which personal information is disclosed, the information is stored on a server, housed somewhere, somehow, by an organization.

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The 4 phases of a company: What is stopping your company from growing and innovating?

So, you want to take your company to the next level, but you consistently seem to get stuck, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at the little progress you are making. Do you find that as your organization aims to innovate or grow that it really struggles to execute, and the status quo is hard to overcome?  If this sounds all too familiar, you are in the right place, about to glean some insight on how to identify your underlying problem in order to progress as a business. Any sort of growth or innovation in a company is a journey of many steps, and, without understanding one’s current organizational structure and the challenges that accompany it, that process becomes much slower and more difficult.

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3 Sales Tactics Leasing Teams Should Know in the Competitive Rental Market

Preparation, sincerity and heart will set you apart.

With the rates of people choosing to rent increasing steadily in North America, more and more units are being developed and targeted toward prospective renters-- over 20 million new households in the next ten years, to be exact--, and with that increase comes unquestionable competition. Newly launching rentals are being compared in features down to the very minor details. So how do you stand out?

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6 Life-Changing Takeaways for Real Estate From Pixar Studios

One may think that there is little need for, or limited, creative abilities within his/her organization, but Catmull claimed that this thought is misplaced.  Rather, he believes problem-solving is a matter of unleashing the creative forces within an organization. Unfortunately, so many companies are blocking creativity in the workplace - missing the true problems that need to be creatively solved - and thus never reaching their full potential.

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Introducing LeadManaging + Yardi: New Yardi Integration Solution

Multifamily housing is always changing, and with change comes new priorities and need for innovation and improvement. With this in mind, LeadManaging has recently released their Yardi integration solution. LeadManaging + Yardi streamlines and deepens the ability to track leasing activities in multifamily housing. With “Real Estate running on Yardi,” and LeadManaging “automatically capturing, converting and visualizing residential leasing activities,” this…

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Talking “Best in Class” at the CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2018

Technology is, without a doubt, a major part of the manner through which our society runs today. Thus, technology has valuable influence on the apartment rentals’ market, one which must be utilized in order to achieve “best-in-class” multifamily housing in this generation. Difficulty only comes in understanding how to best implement technology within a company.

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