After Hours Solution

Up to 35% of your leads are coming in outside of business hours. How many of these leads are sitting in your inbox or voicemail with the prospect waiting one to three days for a response? Unfortunately for you, they may be getting appointments scheduled elsewhere and you've missed a great prospect. 


Missing leads like this does not need to happen anymore.

Our after hours service is powerful and cost effective. It can be scheduled uniquely for each rental community and it auto responds to leads immediately when the office is closed. For any prospects who are looking to schedule a tour, the system can book appointments in real time. Through the appointment booking process, you can prequalify the leads and most importantly it ensures there are no missed opportunities. Your staff will like this too, because it compiles all of the leads into your traffic reports.



Your staff don't work around the clock, but Lead Managing does!

If your advertising dollars are sending leads to your inbox or voicemail without a timely response, then our after hours service is for you. The after hours service includes the following features:

  •  Stop missing leads - Leads are responded to in real time
  •  Converts leads to appointments without any staff intervention
  •  Synchronizes with Outlook exchange or Outlook 365
  •  Highly configurable for each rental community